UK Shooting Seasons

Game and wild birds

These apply in England Scotland and Wales (all dates are inclusive)

Blackgame                                    20th August - 10th December

Red Grouse                                   12th August - 10th December

Hare                                               No close season bt may not be sold March-July

Partridge                                       1st September - 1st February

Pheasant                                       1st October - 1st February

Ptarmigan                                     12th August - 10th December

Common Snipe                             12th August - 31st January

Woodcock (England and Wales)   1st October - 31st January

Woodcock (Scotland)                      1st September - 31st January

Wild geese and duck (below the High Watermark of ordinary Spring Tides)

                                                            1st September - 20th February

Elsewhere                                         1st September - 31st January

Golden Plover                                   1st September - 31st January

Shooting of game is restricted on Sundays and Christmas Day.

Deer                                                    England & Wales Scotland

Red and Sika Stags                      1st Aug. - 30th Apr.              1st July-20th Oct.

Red and Sika Hinds                     1st Nov. - 28/ 29th Feb.       21st Oct. -15th Feb. 

Red and Sika hybrids are as above

Fallow Bucks                               1st August - 30th April             1st Aug-30th Apr.

Fallow Does                                 1st Nov- 28/ 29th Feb       21st Oct. - 15th Feb.

Roe Bucks                                    1st Apr. - 30th Oct.                   1st Apr. - 20th Oct.

Roe Does                                       1st Nov. - 28/ 29th Feb       21st Oct. - 31st Mar.

Muntjac                                          No Close Season

Chinese Water Deer                      No Close Season

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