Gift Buying Guide

Two Steps to Find a Great Gift


Over the past decade of being in the gift industry we have had a lot of feedback from our customers, and we have learnt a lot from them. We will try in this short page to pass on to you some of the tricks and processes that have led our customers to that perfect gift.


1 Be Specific


Everybody has something dear to them, a favourite hobby, a much loved pet, a fond memory of years gone by or job or profession they love. If you can tap into this area of their life and find a closely related gift its sure to be well received and the recipient will surely appreciate it far more than a general gift such as a box of chocolates, pair of socks or aftershave. Whatís more the gift will show that you have spent time thinking about what to buy them. How many people have ever proudly shown you the socks they had for Christmas?


We have put together a great collection of gifts on this site, and we have covered every price range from under £5 to over £100. We donít believe that cost of gift is closely related to how well it will be received. The key is in its connection with the recipient. A key ring or pair of cufflinks bearing a Springer Spaniel will rank much higher as great present with the owner of such dogs than new jumper or jacket would, although they would cost twice or three times as much. 


We cover all of the following topics


  • Shooting Gifts 


  • Fox Hunting Gifts


  • Fishing Gifts


  • Gundog Gifts (many breeds)


  • Farming Gifts


  • Vintage Tractor Gifts


  • Equestrian Gifts


2 Find that Specific Gift Quickly


In the top right hand corner of ever page on our website you will find a search box titled "quick find".


Select your key word or chosen area for example Shooting, Fishing, Hunting, Tractor, Farming or dog breed such as Spaniel, Pointer, Greyhound or Retriever. Type the word into the box, hit the return or enter key on your keyboard and our site will provide you with many gift ideas specific to that subject that you would never of thought of. You can of course browse the categories on the left hand side as well.


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